Travel Tips: Hair

Travel Beauty Tips: Hair

We love the excitement of traveling to an exotic destination, but getting there isn’t always so glamorous, especially when it involves a lengthy plane ride. Jet-setters and adventurers take note: We asked a few of our favorite beauty professionals to share their top hair, makeup, skincare and nail tips that will keep you traveling in style from takeoff to touchdown. Read on for hair tips from the Oribe educators.

Hair: Ashley Brecken and Adam Livermore, Oribe Educators

How should you wear your hair on a plane so that it looks good to go when you finally arrive at your destination?
Ashley: Your best bet is something like a blow-out, relaxed ponytail or loose bun. I would use softer products like Royal Blowout, Gold Lust, Volumista or Grandiose to achieve a sleek blow-out. If your hair is curly and you want to smooth it out, you can use Crème for Style or Gel Sérum to achieve a blow-out with soft, touchable hold.

Adam: Fly with a comfortable style that can be instantly transformed when you get off the plane. Before you leave, smooth a little Crème for Style into your dry hair and put it into a few chunky braids, then wrap them around your head and pop a slouchy hat on. While you’re flying, the heat from your head will help the product set your hair in loose, sexy waves that you can shake out easily when you land.

How can you treat dry hair and avoid static while traveling?
Adam: Airplanes are inadequately pressurized and full of very dry, recycled air that desiccates both your skin and hair and creates static. Anne Hathaway told me that she once smoothed Signature Moisture Masque into her hair and then slipped a hat on before boarding a 23-hour flight to Australia. She said when she arrived, she had the softest silkiest hair of her life. It’s a genius idea. Any kind of moisturizer would be great on a plane, like Supershine or Gold Lust. Foundation Mist also makes hair instantly softer and shinier on the go. Just mist it in and shake it out. A well-hydrated hair fiber usually isn’t susceptible to static electricity, but Côte d’Azur is the best thing for neutralizing it if it happens.
Ashley: I would travel with Supershine and Gold Lust to give your hair a moisture kick when it’s feeling thirsty and dry. Also, make sure to use a hydrating conditioner before traveling, such as Intense Conditioner for Moisture & Control.

How can you revitalize your hair after a red-eye flight so it’s fresh for work the next day?
Adam: A great way to freshen up your hair is to flip your head upside down, douse it with Thick Dry Finishing Spray and run a brush through it. Then flip your head back up and shake it out. You’ll instantly have beautifully volumized, fresh-smelling hair.

Ashley: To give your look a fresh start, spray your roots with Foundation Mist to reactivate the product already in your hair, then re-dry your root area. If you’re looking for more volume, spray a little Volumista at the root when blow-drying. You can finish with some Dry Texturizing Spray to add lift and remove excess oil.

What styling tips can help you avoid spending all your time in the hotel room doing your hair while on vacation?
Adam: Keep it simple. If you’re somewhere warm and beachy, run your fingers through your damp hair with a little Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse and let it air-dry into beautiful waves. Otherwise, a chic bun or twist works well if you need a more sophisticated look. A savvy traveler always has a great hat handy, as well as a beautiful scarf. Simply tie it around a low side bun for an instantly chic look.

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