Labor Day Style

With August winding down, the Labor Day party planning has begun. Do you have any thoughts about Labor Day outfit options that balance all-day comfort with style?

Elle: For an outdoor barbeque or picnic, pair a long, light and airy circle skirt with something as simple as a cutoff tee to hint at that tan you’ve been working on all summer. Stick to flip-flops, flat sandals or lace-ups since the key is to be comfortable. Since it’s a picnic, you should be prepared to get dirty, tipsy and potentially wet if you’re near the beach or pool. Wear a bikini under everything else!

Ronnie: I love doing something with scarves, especially for outdoor events. Apply Crème for Style to damp hair and do a pin curl set. Once hair is dry, gently loosen the curls with fingers and finish hair with Shine Light Reflecting Spray. Then, wrap a scarf that matches your outfit around your hair to act as a headband or elastic.

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